Monday, 21 June 2010

keembung - balsam plant

ini ialah pokok keembung, kami dulu panggil pokok inai pacak. masa kaknab sekolah dulu kami belajar biology about plants pokok ni adalah contoh yang baik. masih ingat lagi, baca ni.

"The flower is the reproductive organ of a flowering plant. Many seed plants form seeds inside flowers. For reproduction to take place, pollen grains from the male stamen must be carried to the female part of the flower, the pistil. Two ways that flowers are pollinated are by insects and by the wind. The insects like the bright petals and the sweet smell of the flowers. They land on the flowers to drink a liquid called nectar. When bees touch the stamen, pollen sticks to the bees. When the bees move around the flower, pollen is transfered to the pistil. Pollination leads to the making of one or more seeds in a flower.

When seeds settle, have enough water, and have enough space to grow, they start to germinate. Once the seedling starts to grow out of the seed, it also grows roots. It then is a young plant, and continues to grow." balsam plant is very good example.

okay kan, ini lah yang kita belajar masa form one dulu. kaknab bawa siap pokok ni ke sekolah. itu ada lah kisah lama 1970 lama tu.

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